Tuesday, 24 March 2015

10 Types of Heels that Boost Confidence

As wisely said,” People will stare. Make it worth their while.”

Heels are one of the most fashionable footwear that upgrade your personality instantly and pep up your posture making you look taller, leaner and more confident. And, “Black being the new black” gives you the hottest and most fashionable look with all the outfits handing in your closet.
But, with so many fashion trends existing in the present scenario, it has become very difficult to choose what kind of heels will best suit your feet and fit comfortably.

Thanks to many footwear companies, buying high heeled sandals have become very easy, letting them buy their favorite heels instantly and conveniently.

Here are 10 types of heels that help you look gorgeous, up on toes and stylish each time you step out of your home.

  1. Kitten Heels: Stylish, comfortable and fashionable, these are great for parties, work events or times when you need to be on your feet for long.
  2. Pumps: Also known as high heels, these are wider in size and have 2 to 3 inch of height.
  3. Stilettos: The highest of all heels, these have a height upto 8 inches. While these are the most stylish ones to wear, at the same time these are also difficult to manage at once.
  4. Wedge Heels: Similar to pumps, these do not have an attached heal to the soul.
  5. Wedge Sandals: Sharing same features as that of Wedge Heels, these have a wider and more open upper side.
  6. Cork High Heels: These heels simply have cork material used in making them. They come in different heel sizes.
  7. High Heeled Boots: Serving the winter season and at the same time allowing you to flaunt attitude, these can be paired well with jeans and skirts both.
  8. Ballroom Dance Shoes: As the name says, these have enough room to let you stand firm and dance to beats of your favorite songs.
  9. Espadrille Heels: Making a new entry in the footwear market, these have fabric upper and a plainted fiber sole.
  10. Fantasy Heels: These are the craziest designed heels you will find in the market. If you have thought of a crazy design, search online shoe purchase India and you never know, they may exist to your surprise.

So go with the black trend and grab a pair of your own black sandal to match with your attire and flaunt your style to the world.

Sunday, 8 March 2015

What Makes Boots Solution of Your Fashion Woes?

Boots are never out of vogue for those who know how to carry them. A right pair of boots in your closet is solution to your daily fashion woes. For every event, boots carry ability to flatter the crowd and make you a head turner. Various e-commerce portals selling women shoes online in India are coming up novel designs and patterns in boots. Given to collaboration with many international standards and ease of accessibility on virtual platform the innovation has been evident.      

A knee high leather boot is ideal choice for any body type and is available in medium and wide widths to suit your comfort and height. Calf-height boot is a right choice for short to tall height women. Women blessed with good height can try over-the-knees boot to trim excess height and look naturally ravishing. The best part of wearing boots is that you can gel them with any attire. Whether a skirt or a dress and anytime fashionable out fit jeans, boots are fit for every occasion and outfit. An ankle boot with leggings, shorts or skinny jeans is becoming a noticeable trend with comfort lovers. Knee-length boots are best with every body type and type of look you choose.

Boots can completely dazzle you look at night parties. Straps, buckles and shirred leather add extra detailing to ankle boots. Team-up boots with tights, leggings to enhance the look if you have leaner legs. A stacked heel and a mid-sole platform is effective in giving you better balance and comfort without the stress of a too-high, skinny heel. The color has to be no bar while shopping for your boot collection. Don’t shy away to experiment with unique and bold colors a part form black/brown and other basic patterns. Floral print, denim and patterned fabric of boots make them the most demanded footwear in the age of being experimental while raising the styling standards.

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

What’s in Trend For Slippers This Valentine?

The most comfortable type of footwear these days are slippers. They are not only trendy but also goes with online slippers shopping. As the month of love is approaching, there could be no other way to impress your lady love. Shoes are girl’s best friend, so if you plan to plan a day out with your beloved this valentine, nothing can beat gifting a perfect pair of shoes to her.
nearly all kind of outfits. On the top of it, with the advent of e-commerce portals taking precedence, you can explore a wide variety of designs while

Flats, heels, wedges, kitten heels, stilettos there are various categories of footwear to choose from. To get away with the pressure of choosing from such a deluge, it is advisable for boys to pick a trendy pair of slipper. The choice would be totally worth it and will not burn a hole in your pockets too.   

It is recommend by Physiotherapists that wearing heels for long hours can cause feet amputations resulting in bunions and even hammertoes. Slippers win a plus on this regard. There even platform and leveled base are comfortable on foot and are perfect for wearing for long hours. Apart from their suitability on various outfits, slippers are cost effective. Leading shoe manufacturers have made slippers shopping online a regular practice, given to their huge demand and popularity.

Giving freedom from cumbersome laces, painful heels and short of innovative designs, slippers are one solution to all fashion flaks. Designers seek slippers and slip-ons as a prominent fashion statement as there is a lot of scope for innovation. They can be easily blended with different types of materials and adding to that, they are be studded with extra detailing. Some of the common examples include denim, leather, rubber, stones and jute.

So this Valentine, gift her perfect pair of slipper and win her heart. Way to a women’s heart is to relate with her love for shoes and bags.

Friday, 16 January 2015

The Heart Behind Shopping Online

online kids shoes

As she woke up, her eyes scanned through the room and stopped at the calendar lying next to her bed stand. It showed 31’st December. In utter desolation she walked her way to balcony. As she sipped her coffee, an advertisement in front of her cracked a smile on her face. It said “We care for your promises, delivering happiness at your doorstep”. Looking at it ruefully, Elma’s heart was filled with joy imagining Tiara’s bright smile.

New Year was approaching and Elma was all soaked up in anxiety. To keep everybody happy had a thin possibility, she realized. Elma did not want to break her New Year dawn with regrets of unfulfilled promises. But at any cost she could not afford to turn down her sister Tiara’s anticipating eyes. Elma’s packed up shoots and business trips impeded her way to spark her sister’s most awaited day.

All set for the mission, Elma took her laptop and literally realized the boon of technology. Started with “online kids shoes’’ Elma soon realized her purpose and smiled away the thought that little Tiara is not a kid anymore. It was her first modeling assignment on the cards. The memories flashed back in Elma’s mind and a drop of tear trickled down her cheeks. There she realized the pangs of her profession that marked her absence from Tiara’s Big Day. 

Nevertheless, she banked her trust upon technology and searched the most prized possession of any model—Heels. As she promised, spending an hour surfing through Internet, Elma chose the best she could for her little Tiara. Packing her blessings along while wishing Tiara the best to kick-start her career, Elma was at cloud nine. Senorita, the best high heeled sandals was packed to be delivered to Tiara on the New Year’s Eve. More than anything Elma missed her mom and sister’s embrace more than anything else… Technology can unfortunately not replace that warmth but could definitely lend a personal touch to your promises… Elma thought as she peacefully finished her coffee. 

Monday, 20 October 2014

Need To Know Things For Buying Shoes Online

Believe it or not but shopping is one of the favorite pastime for any woman specially if it involves buying footwear. Women generally buy more than they can wear when it comes to shoes.

Having said that, online shopping for shoes is one of the biggest craze in the market now a days. However, when you buy shoes online India for women, you need to know the below mentioned facts.

Know your size

Well, this is the first and foremost thing that you should have a knowledge about. Even though size guides are available online, however, it is better to know you shoe size. As comfort and fit matter a lot when it comes to footwear, therefore, buying the wrong size will be an out and out disaster. Know this that you will not be able to try the shoes before buying therefore knowing the correct size will help.

Go for brands

When you are buying online, it is always better to go in for brands. Sticking to one brand is the key to success in online buying. If you have already bought shoes from one brand and loved them then stick to that brand. This will make your life easier at the time of selection.

Proper research

Proper research is required before you decide to buy from a particular brand or website. Call the customer care people if they have support available. Check with your friends and read reviews about them on internet.

Shipping time and return policy

It is vital for your to check shipping times and return policy when you are buying shoes online for women in India. Individual pairs will have separate shipping times depending on logistics and vendors. Apart from this, the return policy will  vary from time to time according to offers and promotion.

When buying shoes online give more importance to brand and size. The style and design can be considered as a follow through.

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Points To Remember While Shopping For Heels

Undoubtedly, heels look great on your feet, but foot pain, thigh ache has been some common repercussions of wearing them. Several issues like bunions, corns, hammers toes, excruciating pain in the foot ball can arise owing to wrong selection of stilettos.

Read on to find out what tips you can follow while buying heels to avert these issues and walk in style without compromising on comfort.

•    Opt the right size

It of supreme importance to choose the ideal size that snug your feet well. If you are wearing heels for long durations, there will be a possibility that your feet will swell. Therefore, you must evade buying extra fitted high heeled sandal as this would result in bunions.

•    Know what to avoid

At the time of making decision it is important to consider the type of manufacturing design you are opting. When you sit to buy cheap shoes online, to your advantage there is availability of wide varieties for selection. Go for the stilettos that provide optimum support to your feet.

•    Well cushioned

A leveled and comfy foot-bed is essential for stable and painless transition. While shopping for heels do make sure that the inner sole of the shoe is well padded and its base is structurally not affected by an edgy elevation.

•    Heel thickness

Finally, while buying heels do watch out for its thickness. The wider your shoe platform is the more stable your transition would be. Chunkier platforms, wedges are better as it keeps your weight on the back foot ball instead on toes.

Even while buying pencil stilettos it is important to see your foot is grounded well with the shoe base and toes are not running forward while walking.

Stilettos are tremendously in vogue and its presence is important to complete your trendy ensemble. These smart lookouts are sure to save your foot from botheration caused by high-rise footwear. 

Monday, 26 May 2014

How Online Shoe Shopping is Always Smart And Right?

The population of netizens is on an endless rise. More and more netizens indulge in online footwear shopping. Several people, however, stave off online shoe purchase in India due to many reasons: security of e-transactions, lack of credibility in the quality of footwear, and the like. The post, however, sheds light on the benefits of online shoe shopping. Read on to know.  


What are the latest developments in online shoe shopping?

The rate of online shoe purchase India is on a rise. Many people prefer shoe shopping on the web, rather than taking pains to go to a physical store.Such transition has been gradual and due to many factors.

Standard sizing

People get shoes that fit their size in off-the-rack stores. There are many people, however, who need more than a standard size or width. Such options are available at online shoe stores.


Space has been a major constraint in many brick-and-mortar stores. Due to space limitations, physical footwear stores do not offer different variety. This, nonetheless, is not the case with internet shopping portals. The buyer can get different varieties in an online footwear portal; for e.g. buying a pair of black flats is simpler than laying hands upon a pair of bronze sling-back. Apart from style, a wider selection of colours for footwear is available at virtual shoe store.

Designer merchandise and brand name

Most online shoe shopping platforms offer different shoe brands. Such an amazing variety of footwear that belongs to various brands is difficult to find in a brick-and-mortar store.

More sizing options

An online shoe store boasts different sizing options. Even the smallest or largest size for footwear can be found at an online shoe store. This, however, is not the case with physical footwear stores.

All these benefits of online footwear shopping have helped the concept to gain foothold all over the world.